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Tar & Aman

It surely has been a busy start of the year at Cartoon Couple. Here we have the beautiful Tar & Aman, recently married on Sunday 5th March 2017 at the Prestige Suite, Smethwick.

Rajeev at Cartoon Couple personally knew Tar many years ago, from a young age, and the very first couple to request the traditional cartoon caricatures printed on two 6ft Supersize cutouts. I knew from our first initial consultation this was going to be something special and a project I would never forget.

Cartoon Couple is about innovation and self-expressing couples imaginary thinking into real life characters, creating high-end caricatures wedding stationary, on-screen visualisation and many more.

As family and friends enter the venue for the reception, the d�cor inside the hall created the perfect ambience of this wedding.

The focus of the evening was the 6ft Supersize cutouts, placed beside the cake, to be seen by the bride and groom, entering the hall.

In detail, every jewel in the couple's outfits, to the diamonds on Amans engagement ring came to life.

The fairy-tale wedding, the bride always dreamt about, the cutouts already told the love story to the guests, the endless love the couple have for each other.

The monogram designs were designed as Heraldic wreath, giving a prestige high end feel to Tars wedding and ensuring the style and theme of his outfits are flowing and Rajeev combined the same colour and finish regally.

Bespoke visual animation was used and displayed on the LED wall as part of the DJ setup and carried on playing when the bride and groom made the grand entrance and throughout their first dance.

The DJ had everyone up on the dance floor and the caricatures were then placed in between the DJ booth.

The groom requested two individual snapchat filters, one to be used at the Gurdwara (temple) and one at the reception party for all guests to use when making memories.The groom didn't hesitate once, as he wanted these straight away.

The calligraphy font style filter used at the Gurdwara incorporated well into the theme of the morning, as the bride and groom became husband and wife. The caricatures filter used at the reception party was an extra bonus to the evening theme.

Wedding menus are often a last-minute thought for many clients, as initially they feel that they may not need them or the venue supplies nicely designed and printed menus. Tar and Aman were ahead of the planning. The content of the menu listed all the selection of starters, mains and dessert and decided to take a keepsake-personalised menu complimenting with their wedding colour scheme and caricatures. As the guests were seated, the bespoke Menus placed in the centre of the tables, grabbed lots of attention. Something everyone will talk about and even recommend this style out to all friends and family. Cartoon Couple, the bride and groom made sure each arrangement was unique and special

A few words from the Groom and Bride

First initial consultation experience was professional and relaxed with no obligations. The meeting was detailed and bespoke and Raj took all our ideas into consideration. The ideas he brought forward were unique and astounding, not to mention up most talented.

The 6ft caricatures design was an idea we thought would stand out and dress our cake table, not only did it resemble us spectacularly but made our special day stand out and something for all our family and friends to remember. It was also something we thought that couldn't be done but Raj's experience and expertise made our idea come to life in detail.

Our design was surprisingly quick considering we only spoke to Raj 3 weeks before our wedding, talk about last minute! But we must say everything was done on time and Raj kept us update with all the fine details and what was happening on what day, whether it was him sketching on a weekday, to when the supplier was sending the final cut out back to Raj with our caricatures, timing was efficient to the highest level.

Our feedback from start to finish, the experience we had with Cartoon Couple was fantastic. The integrity put behind the process was to the highest level and the final designs were breath-taking and made our special day stand out.

We would definitely recommend Cartoon Couples to all our family and friends, as you can create any design for any event to make it bespoke and tailor to your needs.

Tar & Aman

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