How it works

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  • Let's start with a chat

    Do you have an amazing, world-changing idea? Call or email us to book a consultation and we’ll chat about it. We want to be your go-to expert for bespoke stationery and design.

  • Design & Approval

    The process is pretty straightforward. After our consultation, we’ll quote you a price in 2-3 days for the bespoke design. Pay just 50% up front, and we’ll get to work! Send us a photo, concept board, and anything you think would be helpful. After a week or so, we’ll send you a sketch of the design. Now that we’ve consulted on design and we’ve received your sample, approve the design and we’ll start production of the order itself.

  • Production

    Once you approve the design, we’ll allocate time on our side, usually about 2 weeks, to complete multiple colour stages. The entire process usually takes around 4 weeks, though we do offer faster service upon request at a small additional cost should you need your project completed faster.

  • Delivery

    Only when we complete your order will we ask for the remaining 50% of payment. Then we can hand your box of original and amazing designs off to the courier for delivery! We can also meet up in person if you’d like.

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